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Two Wire Mount Rail Signal Converter


UST50 Model devices are designed to convert the measured temperature value to standard 4-20mA analog signal.

These devices are configured with the help of SBA100 USB/UART Converter and OTC01 program. It is placed into the DIN Form B head of sensor. Because the supply voltage and data signal are transmitted over the same wire, only with a cable that has two conductor can be used. These devices are produced isolated and non isolated.


Supply Voltage 24Vac/dc: +%10- %20    
Analog İnput Thermocouple :B,E,J,K,L,N,R,S,T,U Resistance Thermometer: PT100  
Analog Input Impedance Thermocouple, mV:10MΩ    
Analog Output Current: 0/4-20mA (RL≤500Ω) Voltage: 0/2V-10V (RL ≥ 1MΩ )  
Contact Lifetime Without load : 10.000.000 switching, With 250V 3A Resistive load: 100.000 switching    
Memory 100 year, 100.000 renewals    
Accuracy +/- % 0.2    
Sampling Period 400ms    
Environment Temperature Operation: -10…+55° C Storage: -20…+65° C  
Protection Trunk:IP20    
Dimensions Width: 25mm Height: 91mm Depth: 113mm
Weight 134gr    



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